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Notice of Objection

Notice of Objection on Housing Rebate If you have filed for an HST Rebate for your Principle Residence or Investment Property and been denied, you may still qualify for an HST Rebate. Under the Government guidelines, applicants have 2 years to reapply for the HST Rebate.  If the HST Rebate is for a Principle Residence […]


Construction Financing Loans

If you are planning to substantially renovate or build a new home and have been rejected by the Bank for financing, then Private Mortgage Lending may provide you the solution you require.  Private Mortgage Lending is a  mortgage contract where the lender is not a Bank, but rather an individual or a business. If you have spoken to the Bank […]


First Time Home Buyer Rebate

First Time Home Buyer Rebate Program The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive makes it easier for a person to buy a home and lower their monthly mortgage payments. This program is a shared equity mortgage. This means that the Government shares in the upside and downside of the property value. It allows you to borrow 5 […]


Substantial Renovation Rebates

Substantial Renovation Rebates Receive up to $30,000 in tax-free rebates when you substantially renovating your home Ask Access Rebates for assistance with your previous HST Rebate denial This is the most difficult type of HST Rebate claim to apply for. Many qualifying Homeowners have received misinformation from their Accountants and other companies stating they do not qualify […]


Housing Funding Consultation

Your Housing Rebate Specialist If you are planning a major home construction project, you more than likely qualify for one or more Housing Funding programs. To learn more about all of the Housing Funding programs that your construction project qualifies for contact an Access Rebates Housing Funding Specialist to assist you by setting out a […]


Investment Property Rebates

HST Rebate Investment Properties Receive up to $30,000 in tax free rebates for your new investment home or condominiums. Background In July 2010 Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) came into effect to replace the existing Goods and Service Tax (GST). Immediately taxes on new homes and condominiums increased from 5% to 13%. To reduce this increased […]


Custom Home Rebates

  Rebate Programs For Custom Build Homes Receive up to $25,130 in tax free rebates when you build your custom home. Ask Access Rebates what you need to claim an HST Rebate on your Custom Home If you are planning or in the process of building your Custom Home contact Access Rebates to make sure you are […]


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