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Notice of Objection

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If you have filed for an HST Rebate for your Principle Residence or Investment Property and been denied, you may still qualify for an HST Rebate. Under the Government guidelines, applicants have 2 years to reapply for the HST Rebate.

If the HST Rebate is for a Principle Residence the 2-year deadline is 2 years from the date the home was completed. If this HST Rebate if for an Investment Property, the 2-year deadline is 2 years from the date the owner took occupancy of the unit.

HST Rebate claims are often denied due to incomplete information submitted with the application or incorrect information being entered on the application. The Government will not tell you why the HST Rebate application is denied, they will simply just deny it.

If your HST Rebate application has been denied, contact Access Rebates at 905-678-6368.  We can go over your case and resubmit the application properly or explain to you exactly why the application was denied.


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