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Fantastic! Sean was great with his customer service. He was responsive and very efficient. I highly recommend it!


Christine Evans

We worked with Lynda Cooper at Access Rebates and she was very knowledgeable, her response time was awesome! She was able to get the max rebate for us!! Thanks, Lynda!!


Nathalie Hamam

Sean was extremely professional, efficient and knowledgeable. He sifted through a *PILE* of receipts for our partially DIY Reno and got us a great rebate. I would highly recommend!


Rajesh Srinivasan

Lynda from Access Rebates got us the maximum amount possible on our project. She got in touch with us as soon as our project was finished and she guided us thru the whole process. Over a few emails, we sent her the invoices that we had paid ourselves and she coordinated with our builder for […]



I used Access Rebates to get my new home HST rebate and it was the smoothest process ever! I would have never been able to do all the paperwork that my home came with myself! I would still be working on it now. Instead I am enjoying the money! Thank you very much!


Virginia Houston

It was super easy to work with Sean form Access Rebates. I would recommend their company!


Harold Rodrigues

Worked with Lynda Cooper from Access rebate who was very professional and prompt in getting the HST rebate we were entitled to for our home renovations. Lynda explained the entire process, answered all our questions and made the process smooth and seamless. We definitely recommend you to contact Lynda and Access Rebate to get the […]


Dayna Review

This is an outstanding service. It gave us a return that we had no idea we were even entitled to. Sean made the process so easy and was always available for the many questions we had. Would definitely recommend to anyone doing home renos!!


Eric Adelman

Lynda at Access Rebates has been excellent to work with over the past number of years. We reccomend Access Rebates to all our clients to realize their available government rebates. There is little to no work needed from us and Lynda processes all rebates directly with the homeowner. Its a very simple effort for lots […]


Trish Long

As an energy advisor I can’t believe how few homeowners, embarking on renovations, are aware of valuable rebates they qualify for. Lynda Cooper makes it easy for my clients to access thousands in refunds. Plus she’s a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Access Rebates.


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