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Canada Greener Homes Grant

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This is how it works. You own a home, and you would like to complete some upgrades but haven’t started yet. You research Canada Greener Homes Grant and look into renovations. Take note of special requirements for upgrades of interest for example: all windows need to be Energy Star and be on a pre-approved list. Apply on the Greener Homes website portal. There is a three week wait for approval.

After you get approved, you’re ready to book you’re a Pre-Retrofit Energy Audit. After the audit you are provided with an EnerGuide Label (LBL), Home Owner Information Sheet (HOIS) and a Renovation Upgrade Report (RUR). These reports give you energy information about your home, telling you how much energy your home cost to live in for a year in Gigajoules. (The rating is standardized to allow for the comparison of homes.) The Renovation Upgrade Report (RUR) guides you more toward beneficial upgrades personalized for your house.

The next step is to plan out your renovation upgrades. Only one upgrade is required unless completing a waterproofing upgrade or roofing underlay upgrade then another upgrade is required. Do not forget to keep good documentation and take pictures of the work being done. If getting windows leave the stickers on the windows until after the second audit. You have for as long as the program is running to complete your renovations which is at this time six years. Book your Post-Retrofit Energy Audit. The post audit provides you with your new EnerGuide Label and Home Owner Information Sheet (HOIS). The application for rebates will be sent to Canada Greener Homes Grant. Canada Greener Homes Grant calculates the rebates and sends them to you.

Canada Greener Homes Grant is ideal for windows, solar rebates, heat pumps, and longer upgrade timelines.

List of eligible rebates:
– Attic insulation
– Basement insulation
– Crawlspace insulation
– Header insulation
– Wall insulation
– Exposed floor insulation
– Air sealing
– Hot water tank
– Windows
– Doors
– Ground source heat pump (GSHP)
– Air source heat pump (ASHP)
– Solar standby batteries
– Solar standby
– Foundation waterproofing
– Roofing underlay
– Crawlspace waterproofing
– Energy audit


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