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 Substantial Renovation HST Rebate up to $16,080 – No Building Permit Required


If you have just renovated 90% or more of your home in the last 2 years, or are planning to renovate your home, you are entitled to receive a Government rebate of up to $16,080.

Do I need a Building Permit?
A big misconception about the Substantial Renovation HST Rebate is that in order to qualify for the rebate a homeowner is required to have a building permit for the construction work done to their property. This is not correct. A building permit is only required when there is structural work done to a home. If there is no structural work done to a house there is no need for the home owner to get a building permit. In many cases homeowners simply want to update their home, they do not want to structurally alter their home.

Why does the Government offer a Substantial Renovation Rebate?
In July 2010 the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) came into effect replacing the existing Goods and Service Tax (GST). Immediately taxes on newly built homes and condominiums increased from 5% to 13%. To reduce this increased tax burden on Homeowners the Federal Government introduced a rebate program that allows Homeowners to receive a rebate of up to $16,080 on HST paid on their newly built homes.
The Substantial Renovation HST Rebate program also includes properties that are substantially renovated by 90% or more. A Substantially Renovated home as per the Government is basically a new home and is the homeowner is entitled to receive an HST Rebate as the home is also now considered to be in essence a new home.

What does the Substantial Renovation HST Rebate apply to?
The Substantial Renovation HST Rebate is a rebate on HST paid on:
   • The demolition and removal of old materials
   • Waste bins
   • Fencing
   • Anything that is attached to the property ie. Flooring, drywall, doors, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, paint, trim, door knobs
   • Anything attached to the exterior of the house ie. Roof, singles, garage doors
   • Anything attached to the property ie. Pool, deck, fencing, interlocking, landscaping, cabanas, sheds, sprinkler systems

How long do I have to apply for the Substantial Renovation Rebate?
A homeowner has 2 years to complete the Substantial Renovation and 2 years from completion to file for the rebate. Therefore the homeowner can apply for a Substantial Renovation that began 4 years from today.

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